OS X 10.10.3 is coming soon, iPhoto is going away, and we're getting to replace it. There has been a lot of worry about whether Apple can truly pull off a Cloud-native photo management experience. "What if I delete a photo, or the app removes it to save space, and then somehow it's gone as in gone-from-the-Cloud?"

The discourse of personal photography and photo management has not advanced as fast as photography itself. It used to be emotional, tangible, and occasional (in the sense of a special occasion). It's now reflexive, omnipresent, and ephemeral. I simply take more photos than I did when iPhoto was first released, they mean less individually, and I don't attach the same ceremony to their presentation. I certainly don't assiduously drag'n'drop them into albums like I used to. The idea that you could somehow lose a memory of a loved one by deleting a file is atavistic and probably stems from the days when you maybe only took 32 photos of somebody ever in your life.