Fifth Edition

I just bought the core set of D&D fifth edition: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual. They were so expensive, but so beautiful, I had a hard time leaving any on the shelf. It took an hour to flip through every page in the Monster Manual and give each monster a nod of approval and a little comment: "Tough guy, huh" or "You bastard," or "Hello again, old friend."

These are beautiful books. As a twelve-year-old I felt spoiled by the lavishness of the Player's Handbook, but this—this—is how you treat your reader to a good show, something they can get lost in.

From what I can tell, Wizards of the Coast have also done what they can to address the persistent issues of representation that linger in a hobby so historically white, male, and juvenile. At this stage, I think you're better off in D&D than any of the other gaming cultures out there, with the possible exception of Minecraft.